Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ultimate Blog Party Rocks!

The Grand Prize Laptop would be my first choice :)
The Scrubbing Bubbles gift basket sounds great too!

US101 would be the ultimate!
US1 would be great for gifts for my stepdad for Christmas...
US4 Did you see that bracelet? Awesome! Pink for my baby girls!
I would really love to win lots and lots! I can say that anything on the prize list can be used by myself or someone I know and love so, LETS WIN! And thank you so much!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my party, I hope you have a great time meeting new people and finding more fun blogs to read! Happy UBP!

  2. Hi, here for the party! I'm having a great time blog hopping. Hope you are, too.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Woven by Words and leaving me a comment! That was so nice. Now, I want to get back to WA someday, but since my family is now here in MN, I'll probably never get away. Waaah! Maybe my kids will want to move to WA someday and I can follow them. :)

    I hope you win any of the prizes you listed above! Enjoy the UBP '10!!


  4. hi from the ubp! glad i got the chance to check out your blog :)

  5. Hi! Just a return visit from the blog party! Have a great weekend!


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